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The EV Boat Company That GM Just Bought Into Looks Pretty Promising

General Motors is dipping a toe back into the marine power business. The announcement of GM taking a $150 million stake in a boat startup on Monday may come as surprising to some, but buying into a company that’s making electric boats is just another part

logo.png  By ONR  Nov 25, 2021

The 2023 Ford Ranger: This Is It

Kicked off in 1982, the Ranger has long been a staple of American farming and rural life. It was originally a compact pickup to compete with Chevrolet’s S10, and grew over the years as Americans and their perceived needs grew. The current/outgoing Ranger

logo.png  By ONR  Nov 25, 2021

Here's Those Terrible Shift Knob Decals You Didn't Want

I feel like many times when I meet someone new, after a few moments of talking to me, their most lasting impression is amazement that I’m permitted to use implements like forks without a colossal amount of supervision. This could be related to why I find

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Cower In Your Homes, The GMC Hummer EV Comes Out In December

The GMC Hummer EV has spent two years in development, biding its time until it was ready to face down the U.S. highway system. Now it’s on the precipice of release: Starting in next month, the 9,000-lb behemoth will begin making three-second 0-to-60 runs

logo.png  By ONR  Nov 25, 2021