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Sheetz Lowers Prices of Unleaded 88 and E-85 Gas for Independence Day Weekend

Sheetz is truly the gas station-restaurant travel stop of the people. With gas prices still near record highs across the country, the company has decided to give some of its customers a bit of a break.Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Jun 29, 2022

U-Haul's First Employee, Hap Carty, Dies at 95

The first employee of U-Haul, William E. “Hap” Carty, died on Friday, June 24. Carty was 95 years old. While Hap Carty was not one of the founders of the company, he helped co-founders Leonard “Sam” Shoen and Anna Mary Carty turn U-Haul from a plucky upst

logo.png  By ONR  Jun 29, 2022

Mercedes is Probably Killing its Last Affordable Models For Good

Mercedes has gone to great lengths to outline its pivot to higher-end, more luxurious models in recent months. This, it says, is all in the name of better profit margins. Because of the move, the firm warned that some of its more budget-friendly models co

logo.png  By ONR  Jun 29, 2022

Patent Images Reveal What the Production Toyota GR GT3 Supercar Might Look Like

Last January, around the time of the Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota Gazoo Racing related a corporate desire to “commercialize motorsports cars” rather than relegating them to concepts in a press release. Like most proclamations made in PR blasts, it was easy to

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