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What’s the Worst Race Car of All Time?

If you’re thinking about the most successful race car of all time, your mind might jump straight to Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F2004, which won him his fifth straight F1 drivers championship. Or, you might think of the Mercedes W11 that helped Lewis Ham

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Traffic Jams: The Frights - 'Wow, OK, Cool'

I don’t remember the first time I heard something by The Frights, but I’m fairly certain it happened during a Pandora session where FIDLAR brought me to what would ultimately become one of my favorite bands in college.Read more...

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Formula 1's Weirdest Record: How Hans Heyer Scored a DNQ, DNF, and DSQ in One Race

There are some Formula 1 records that make sense. You can understand why you might want to secure the record for the most wins overall, or why you might want to be the youngest-ever World Champion. But one man named Hans Heyer managed to score one of the

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These Are the 10 Failed Supercar Makers That Deserved Better

For however many companies you think turned up out of nowhere with the dream to build a supercar, there were always more. And they’re easy to forget, especially today, when cynicism has never run more rampant.Read more...

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