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Kia Says Your Music Choice Impacts Your EV Range

As electric vehicles grow in popularity, we’ve started to learn that everything from the weather to the kind of terrain on which you’re driving can impact that vehicle’s real-world range. Now, Kia has another addition to make to that list: Your music tast

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 9, 2022

The 10 Worst Cars We Want To Own

The most enjoyable cars aren’t always the best cars. Here’s 10 less than fantastic machines we wouldn’t mind owning, but don’t tell anyone. Read more...

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An Ekranoplan Is The Ideal First Vehicle

No one sees it.

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A DHL Cargo Jet Skidded Off A Runway And Snapped In Two

On Thursday, April 7, a DHL cargo jet was coming in to land in Costa Rica when disaster struck. The Boeing 757 airliner skidded off the runway, turned to one side and then snapped in two. Nobody was injured in the crash, but now the mangled parts of the p

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