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This Is The Biggest Argument Against The Toyota bZ4X EV

There is a steady shift in the market towards more affordable and usable electric vehicles. Whereas EV options used to be either very small or very expensive, automakers now have offerings that are “right-sized” and with “reasonable” prices. Unfortunately

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 13, 2022

GM Has Been Hit With Another Class Action Suit Over The Chevy Bolt

Looks like the Chevy Bolt battery fire issue isn’t over, and last year was already a bad one for the Bolt: Everything from General Motors advising owners not to park the vehicles in garages or near other vehicles to class action suits turned many off of w

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Read This: Twitter Bots Changed Tesla's Tides

If you’ve ever been on automotive Twitter, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve come across an account that’s such a hardcore Tesla fan that you have to wonder if there’s actually a real person behind the account or if it’s actually a bot. A new report fro

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Repeat Assaults On The USPS In Santa Monica Stop Mail Delivery For A Whole Neighborhood

The USPS has stopped delivering mail at every address in a neighborhood in Santa Monica because mail carriers keep getting attacked. The assaults began in late January when a man wielding a broom allegedly attacked a postal worker who was going about thei

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