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I Tried To Put Off Buying A Car But Now I Need Two! What Should I Buy?

Due to the pandemic, Cameron tried to delay his car purchase for as long as possible. However, his commute has changed and his aging 2010 CX9 isn’t going to cut it. HE wants to get both a family car and a sedan for the daily drive. He is working with a so

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 28, 2022

Elon Musk Promises Full Self-Driving "Next Year" For The Ninth Year In A Row

It’s happened again! It’s incredibly predictable, sure, but that doesn’t make it any less glorious or wonderful! During Tesla’s earnings call yesterday, where the company very justifiably crowed about their record revenue and Model Y production at their n

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The FIA Is Still Pretending Hypercar Has Been A Total Success

Global sports car racing is going to be amazing starting next year. That’s when a slew of manufacturers — including Porsche, BMW, Acura and Cadillac — are going to have their next-generation LMDh prototypes ready for competition. They’ll join the likes of

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Will There Ever Actually Be A Cheap Tesla?

Tesla has been promising an affordable mass-market EV for years. First it was a vague $30,000 concept, then the mythical $35,000 Model 3, and most recently the $25,000 model without a steering wheel or pedals. With the exception of the entry level Model 3

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