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Divers May Have Solved Four-Year Cold Case In Texas, After Dredging A River Police Overlooked

A group of divers dredged up a car from the Brazos River in Texas, which could finally solve a missing persons case that was opened in 2017. In December of that year, 42-year-old Stephanie Torres left her home in Waco, Texas, behind the wheel of her 2006

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How To Watch IMSA, WRC, And Everything Else In Racing This Weekend; January 21-23

Welcome to the Jalopnik Weekend Motorsports Roundup, where we let you know what’s going on in the world of racing, where you can see it and where you can talk about it, all in one convenient place. Where else would you want to spend your weekend?Read more

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GM Working on Hydrogen-Powered Generators to Make EV Charging Portable

The emission-free generators use GM's Hydrotec hydrogen technology, and the goal is to have 500 in place around the U.S. by 2026.

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USPS Oshkosh Defense Mail-Delivery Truck Spotted on the Street

The elderly Grumman LLVs, in service since at least 1994, are soon to be replaced by these new trucks with airbags and A/C, and some will be electric.

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