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Here’s What Happens If Your Exhaust Gets Filled With Lamb Chops

On Saturday, the sleepy village of Credenhill in the United Kingdom was rocked to its core by a spate of shocking attacks. Vandals in the village used poultry as projectiles and meat as missiles as they wrought havoc on homes and cars across the region. B

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The Revival Of Mitsubishi Will Begin With A Rebadged Renault Clio

Mitsubishi is having a moment, and for once, it’s actually a good one. While it’d probably be too strong to label it a “renaissance,” the new Outlander has made the three-diamond badge a respectable choice for the first time in two decades. But the Outlan

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General Motors Engineers Once Built A One-Off Buick Tire Shredder

Over two decades ago, engineers at General Motors set out to create the personal luxury car that Buick truly deserved. They took Cadillac’s Northstar V8 and crammed it into a front-wheel-drive Buick Riviera. The car was supposed to be the future of the co

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New Video Shows The Burned Antonov An-225's Damage In Detail

One of the pilots of the sole Antonov An-225 Mriya has returned to the home of the aircraft that he once flew. Major Dmytro Antonov filmed a detailed tour of the aircraft’s damage just days after Antonov’s CEO had been dismissed for allegations that he al

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