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The Austin Airport Needs TSA Agents Just As Much As Jet Fuel

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is currently a mess. It isn’t yet summer, and surging air travel through Austin has already caused a jet fuel shortage at AUS, hours-long wait times at TSA checkpoints and even chaos at car rental lots. But the highe

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How a Subprime Auto Lender Consumed Detroit With Debt and Turned Its Courthouse Into a Collections Agency

When Don Foss started his career as a car salesman, he recognized early on that most of his prospective customers had shaky credit, leaving them with few options for financing to buy a vehicle. So in 1972, he started subprime auto lending company Credit A

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Watch: The Hardest And Most Notorious Dirt Bike Race In The World

In a move to explore more racing series, our household (all two of us) has started to follow SuperCross. I admittedly know little about it, but I’ve been recording and watching races as they happen in order to learn. While SuperCross has its own raw fun t

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These Are The Cars You Could Live In For A Month

I’m sure at one point or another, we’ve all considered hitting the highway and living out of our car for a few weeks. That nomadic lifestyle can be appealing for a range of different reasons. But, if you chose to live in a car for a month, what vehicle wo

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