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A Truce In The Middle East And Releases From The Strategic Oil Reserve Are Bringing Gas Prices Down

Morning, folks — and happy Monday! Did you guys watch the Grammys last night? Me neither. We’ve got some big news: the average price of a gallon of regular gas is back under $4.20 ($4.19, to be exact) for the first time in God knows how long. Is it the bi

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Stunning Fan-Made Assetto Corsa Mod Proves Racing Games Are Failing Badly At Weather Effects

A couple of months ago I reminisced about Driveclub, a somewhat overlooked racing game for the PlayStation 4 known for its phenomenal weather effects. Weather effects that I reckon still haven’t been surpassed by any competing racer, even on newer, much m

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What's The Worst Electric Car On Sale Today?

You hear it said often: We’re living through an exciting, significant time in the history of the automobile. Whether or not you agree with the statement — or perhaps are more concerned rather than excited — things are indeed changing. Electric vehicles st

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Daniel Ricciardo Has A Wine Collection Now, And I Need To Drink It — For Science

If there’s one thing I love about both wine and Formula One, it’s the performance of elitism. Now, those two worlds have collided: McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo has partnered with Australian St Hugo winery for a new limited-edition collection of wines t

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