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The Ford Maverick Is Destroying The Hyundai Santa Cruz In Sales

We all know the Ford Maverick has been a sales success — in fact, Ford literally cannot build enough of them at the moment. Now that it’s been on sale for a while, we can really see just how dominant the Maverick has been in the market, especially when co

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 7, 2022

Man Allegedly Masturbates Four Times On Three-Hour Flight

Phoenix police arrested a man over the weekend after he masturbated four times in front of a female passenger on a flight from Seattle, WA to Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, AZ. He now faces federal charges as well as a lifetime ban from one

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I Slept On The Roof Of A Honda Passport To Prove That Hotels Are For Suckers

Data suggests that the vast majority of Americans have never slept on the roof of a midsize Japanese SUV, but almost everyone has stayed in a hotel. I’m here to tell you that you’re all suckers, and a 2019 Honda Passport is proof. Read more...

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Chrysler Is Actually Doing Better Than Lincoln

Chrysler has been the butt of the joke for years now. It only sells two vehicles, and one of them was created before the stone age, etc. etc. But if you dive into its latest first quarter sales report, you notice something astonishing. Chrysler, the brand

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 7, 2022