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Why Battery Technology Is So Important, As Per One Formula E Chief Technical Officer

Battery technology has evolved rapidly since Formula E, the first-ever all-electric open-wheel racing series, hit the track for the first time in 2014. Skepticism reigned — but the evolution of battery technology has also been unmatched.Read more...

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Drivers From Singapore Are Illegally Pumping Cheap Gas In Malaysia

Singapore celebrated the full reopening of its border with Malaysia last week, after land crossings closed two years ago due to the pandemic. But the festive mood between the Southeast Asian neighbors has been dampened by several reports of drivers coming

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One Illinois Dealer Group Must Pay $10 Million For Adding Illegal Fees And Services To Customer Contracts

Dealer fees are the easiest way to scam customers out of their money. Sales contracts are often long, and most people don’t actually read everything. The excitement of a new car has them just signing on the dotted line and looking for the keys. But chargi

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The Game Boy Advance Was A Secret Haven For Technically Groundbreaking Racing Games

Racing games on the Game Boy Advance — it’s a pairing that sounds like a bad time. The GBA, beloved though it was with many fantastic titles in its library, was at its core a system designed to play 2D games. And driving a car is an experience that benefi

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