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Volvo's New CEO Has Me A Little Worried About Volvo

Volvo appointed a new CEO in January, who follows in the footsteps of Håkan Samuelsson, who was a a down-to-earth figure who knew what Volvo was good at and leaned into it. Samuelsson also knew what Volvo was bad at, like in 2018 when Volvo opted to get r

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Bernie Ecclestone Is The Root Of Formula One's Exclusivity Problem, Not America

Longtime Formula One fans have been up in arms online after the sport announced its intention to contest two new races in America, one in Miami and one in Las Vegas. Many arguments have tended to blame America itself for things like the high ticket prices

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Will The New Toyota GR Corolla Actually Sell?

Allow me to tell you a tale.

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An EV Future Could Save 110,000 Lives And $1.2 Trillion By 2050

Whether we like it or not, the stuff that comes out of the back of our cars’ tailpipes aren’t good for us. Now, a study has been done by the American Lung Association to show what the real health benefits are for the healthcare system and our population.R

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