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Tesla's Racism From The Perspective Of Its Black Employees

Tesla has a problem, and it’s one not too many people are talking about outside of Jalopnik: Its racism against Black employees. We’ve covered it extensively: the $1 million settlement the company had to pay over racial slurs; the $137 million discriminat

logo.png  By ONR  Mar 26, 2022

Chicago Commuters Give Up And Walk Along Tracks After Long Delay

Chicago trains were a mess Thursday after a suspected fallen signal cut power and closed rails on the city’s north side. The problem took so long to fix and tied up so many trains that riders were directed to walk along an elevated portion of Chicago’s fa

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Learn How To Change A Tire From The Most Fabulous Person I've Ever Seen

Changing a tire is just one of those life skills everyone ought to know how to do. Just because you don’t think you’ll ever need to change a tire, it doesn’t hurt to know how to do it properly. Here’s another video about how to do it properly, hosted by t

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Donate To Our Freelancer's Ukraine Refugee Fund

You’ve read Misha Lanin’s work on Jalopnik before, and you may be curious what he’s up to these days. Well, he’s helping refugees at a remote border crossing between Hungary and Ukraine! Here’s where you can donate to his GoFundMe, and keep an eye out for

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