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Intel's Grand Solution For The Chip Shortage Is A Big Plant In Ohio

Intel has big plans for Ohio, lawmakers want to know what Tesla’s plans are in one of China’s most embattled regions and Renault is ditching the old plan. All that and more in this Friday edition of The Morning Shift for January 21, 2022.Read more...

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The 25-Year Import Rule's History Is More Complicated Than You Think

About this time every year, car enthusiasts rejoice over what 25-year-old cars they can now legally roll onto a ship and bring to America. The reason a Renault Avantime, R34 Nissan Skyline, or S15 Nissan Silvia remains forbidden fruit is this infamous “25

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The Government Is Not Going To Force Your Car To Have A 'Kill Switch' That Police Can Use At Will

Getting all worked up about things is a pretty good way to kill time if you lack other engaging pursuits. One exciting thing to get alarmed about is the possibility that the American government — already known to be kind of a dick at times — may be planni

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Backward Driver Tests The Limits Of Emergency Blinkers

Anyone who has lived in a big city has experienced this: A car doing something on the scale between mildly inconveniencing to very illegal with their hazard lights blinking, as if that makes everything they are doing OK. This footage of a banged-up Volksw

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