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Mazda Considers Raising Prices by $350 to Combat Inflation

New cars continue to get more expensive. As material costs have gone up, combined with inflation, automakers are doing what they can to stay profitable. The latest automaker to grapple with this is Mazda, as Automotive News reports the Japanese brand is c

logo.png  By ONR  Aug 10, 2022

GM Adds $1,500 OnStar "Option" That Can't Be Removed From a Vehicle's Price

General Motors is tacking on a bit of a sneaky option on some of its new luxury vehicles. The automaker is adding an additional $1,500 charge to cover a new OnStar connectivity package, according to The Detroit Free Press. The report says the package is l

logo.png  By ONR  Aug 10, 2022

Ford Patents App to Tell Pedestrians When Autonomous Vehicles Won't Stop for Them

Ford filed a patent last month for a smartphone app that would allow cars operating in self-driving mode to communicate with pedestrians via their phones. We’ve seen this idea before, despite being pretty terrible, and it’s the latest salvo in the war aga

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The Manual Transmission Is Nearing its Death, But Not There Yet

Manual transmissions are dying. I know you’ve heard this before, have heard it for years, but the death of the stick shift is imminent now that the auto industry is moving to EVs. Unless someone makes a gearbox that’s commercially viable in EVs, we will s

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