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GM Is Having A Made-In-America Moment

GM is probably the poster child for plant closures in the States and outsourcing production, at least for someone in my generation. It’s weird, then, to see GM talking up the prestige, quality, and profitability of making cars here. All that and more in T

logo.png  By ONR  Mar 23, 2022

Ferrari Is Back

On the last lap of the first Formula 1 grand prix of the season, as he was driving to victory, Charles Leclerc told an engineer there was “something strange” going on with his engine. Perhaps he was making light of Red Bull’s engine failures in the race,

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Off-Road Recovery YouTuber To Serve Probation For Fraudulent AAA Claims

Back at the tail end of 2021, popular off-road recovery YouTuber Matthew Wetzel was charged with one second-degree felony count of insurance fraud. Wetzel has pleaded no contest to charges and has been ordered to probation and to pay fines to both the Ame

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Here Is The Tiny Part That Left My VW Bug Stranded On The Road For An Hour

Can you spot what’s ever-so-slightly out of place in this photo? It took me about an hour, but you should be faster. You’re not standing on the side of the West Side Highway in Manhattan with your 1974 VW Beetle refusing to start beside you.Read more...

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