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Cosmonauts Definitely Didn’t Wear Ukrainian Colors To The ISS And It's Stupid To Think They Did, Says Russia

A great man once said, “If my grandmother had wheels, then she would have been a bike,” and I think about that a lot. If you strap something new onto a person, object or outfit, then it can change it into something else entirely. So, if you plaster a cosm

logo.png  By ONR  Mar 24, 2022

GM Trademarks Drawing Of Three Hair Clippers As New Buick Logo

Building a brand identity is hard. Pepsi’s been working on it for over a century, constantly changing and rebranding while Coke just stayed Coke. In the automotive world, it seemed Buick would follow that latter path forever: the same three shields, usual

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Caterham Sold More Sevens In 2021 Than Ever Before

Just about a year ago the official news came down that Caterham Cars had been passed on to new owners, and that the company would no longer be owned by Tony Fernandes. VT Holdings of Japan purchased the Lotus Seven clone manufacturer at the end of March 2

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Subways Are Dead, Cable Cars Are The Future Of City-Center Transport

You can try and convince me that the New York City Subway is better than the London Underground, but I’ll never believe you. The Tube can get you to more places, faster and via a much simpler to navigate system. But its smaller trains and much lower depth

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