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Forgotten Cars: Hummer H3T

Back before GM decided to bring back Hummer as a 1000 horsepower super-truck toy for the well-off, Hummer tried going down market and expanding its lineup. After the rolling example of American pre-Great Recession excess that was the H2 and its useless H2

logo.png  By ONR  Mar 23, 2022

Why Shouldn't Audi Do A Pickup? Everyone Else Is

By the end of the decade, Audi’s lineup could look vastly different from how it does today if the brand’s Sphere series of electric land yachts is any indication of its future plans. In fact, a pickup truck may even be in the cards, too.Read more...

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Ken Block’s Family Is Now A Rally Racing Dynasty

Roosevelt. Kennedy. Bush. Some names echo through history, returning in waves as each new generation comes of age. These are families with a certain weight, impact, heritage; families whose last name alone can conjure respect, admiration, or even fear in

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He Never Stopped Driving It

Yesterday evening, much of central Texas along the I-35 corridor was nailed by awful thunderstorms that brought hail and even tornados. But the driver of one red 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 pickup truck simply couldn’t be bothered by the tornado that ro

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