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Chinese Boeing 737 Crash May Have Been Intentional: Report

Investigators have been analyzing the flight data recorder from the Boeing 737 that crashed in China in March. Now, it seems we’re closer to an answer as to what happened on that tragic day. Data from the black box seems to indicate that the plane was pur

logo.png  By ONR  May 19, 2022

Researchers Break Into a Tesla and Drive Away Using Bluetooth Vulnerability

Researchers have found a flaw in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) that allows an unknown device to be treated as familiar. This is a problem because many smart devices use BLE to recognize a trusted device as a key. The researchers even demonstrated the effecti

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These Are the Cars You're Sick of Seeing

Yesterday, we asked you what car you’re just sick of seeing everywhere, and man oh man did y’all let loose with over 400 comments about what vehicles you just hate looking at. You folks sure are angry about a lot of stuff, but I do suppose that is par for

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Audi Gives the RS 5 Coilovers With a New Competition Package

In an effort to make the RS 5 more of a driver’s car — and more competitive with BMW M and Mercedes-AMG machines — Audi is giving the RS 5 a new Competition package. You get some serious performance goodies — but it all comes at a serious price. Read more

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