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UK Homeowners Made $34 Million Renting Out Their Driveways Last Year

For most of us, having a driveway opens up the possibility of creating a safe space in which to keep your car. Maybe you’ll clean it there, maybe you’ll care for it there, but that is where it can live, safely out of reach of passing traffic. But for many

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 28, 2022

Buying A Brand New Car Is A Terrible Idea, But What If You Helped Engineer That Car?

I keep flip-flopping on this. I’ve never bought a new car. Especially as someone with wrenching skills, I just find it financially foolish. And yet, because I was on the Jeep Wrangler JL engineering team, part of me wants to order a brand spankin’ new one

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These Are Your Most Disappointing Car Features

Modern cars are chock full of features that stand out in a dealership brochure. Adaptive driver assistance technology, self-parking functionality, even things as wild as windows with buttons instead of cranks. We asked this morning which of these unimagin

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Here's How Mayor Pete Plans To Curb Traffic Deaths

Deaths on U.S. roadways have seen an alarming increase since 2019, despite seeing less traffic due to the pandemic. This latest spike in traffic fatalities has prompted the Department of Transportation, under the direction of former U.S. presidential can

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