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Replace Your House, Boat And Bike With This Amphibious Camper Trike

The Swiss Army Knife has stood the test of time as the ultimate multi-tool for any explorer. You can saw through wood, open a tin can and hang stuff on that weird hook thing. But now, a small engineering firm has created what it thinks could be the ultima

logo.png  By ONR  Mar 2, 2022

These Are The Most Exciting New And Upcoming Cars

What new car are you most looking forward to? That’s the question we posed this morning, and you all answered back with a slate of exciting, highly anticipated vehicles. Quite a few of them were pickup trucks, imagine that?Read more...

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A Ukrainian Sailor Tried To Sink His Russian Boss' Yacht

A Ukrainian sailor was arrested in Mallorca, Spain on Saturday for trying to sink a yacht that belongs to a Russian CEO, who is reportedly a Russian arms dealer that supplies the Russian military. According to local news, Ultima Hora, the Spanish Civil G

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How To Drive A Russian Armored Personnel Carrier, Courtesy Of A Car Vlogger

A gearhead and social media influencer in Russia posted a video Sunday that gives Ukrainians the ins and outs of how to drive a Russian armored personal carrier. You know, in case any of them might just happened to come across one somewhere and want to h

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