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Scorched Cargo Ship Carrying Thousands Of Vehicles Towed, Damage Will Now Be Assessed

The fire onboard the Felicity Ace cargo ship has subsided to the point a salvage crew was able to board the vessel and begin to tow it to a safer location, according to Reuters. That’s the good news. The bad news? The total cost of damage to the nearly 4,

logo.png  By ONR  Mar 2, 2022

8 Kids and 80 Corvairs: How One Man's Entire World Revolves Around The Rear-Engined Chevy

For Chris Shade, the Chevy Corvair is more than just a car or his business. It’s his family. I mean that literally. Without the Corvair, Shade’s family – and life – would be far different.Read more...

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From Driver To Team Owner: Sam Hunt Is Ready For The Challenge Of NASCAR Xfinity Series Racing

Not long ago, NASCAR Xfinity Series team owner Sam Hunt was living out of his van outside an engine shop in Charlotte, North Carolina, hoping he’d manage to transform his fledgling race team into something great. In 2021, the team scored an unprecedented

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Project 190E: My Poor Choices Leave Me With A (Hopefully Temporarily) Dead Car

2021 had already ended in disappointment after news broke that Betty White had died. However, 2021 wasn’t quite done with me yet. The cruel old mistress had one other victim in mind to take before she permanently lost her job. That victim: My ‘89 Benz.Rea

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