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There Are Libraries To Loan You Tools To Fix Your Forever Broken Car

Sitting inside the garages of countless homes in America are cars waiting for their day to go on the road again. Unluckier cars await the same, but in driveways or backyard mud pits. Many sit because their owners don’t have the time and sometimes because

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These Are The Cars That Will Carry You To Valhalla

Unfortunately, few of us are likely to live forever. But with that fact of life in mind, we can all try to live a little with the time we have. This morning, we asked for the cars that you’d want to see out your last days in, and you gave us some response

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West Virginia Wants To Ban Over-The-Air Updates For Cars

Over-the-air updates are quickly becoming commonplace in cars, from electric vehicle startups like Tesla and Lucid down to traditional old Ford. West Virginia, however, seems to take issue with this shiny new way of keeping cars up to date — or at least i

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Cargo Ship Fire Could Force Lamborghini To Restart Aventador Production

The massive fire onboard the Felicity Ace cargo ship has proved to be a huge headache for manufacturers and customers alike. Nearly 4,000 vehicles made by Volkswagen Group are onboard,from companies like Porsche, Audi, Bentley and Volkswagen. However, the

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