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The U.S. Has A Battery Problem That Could Turn Into A National Security Threat

The transition to electric vehicles is going to require a lot of EV batteries, which the U.S. doesn’t currently have. Our lack of batteries and the raw materials needed to make them is just another reason why the gradual transition to EVs has been a littl

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A Stolen Party Bus Led Police On A High-Speed Chase

If you’re on the run from authorities, I can see why you’d need something — anything — to get away in. But I feel like you’d want something that didn’t stand out, or something with a lot of speed. But a party bus? You might as well wear a sign that says “

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New Bronco Orders Will Be Paused In March Because Ford Can't Keep Up With Demand

If you were looking to order a new Ford Bronco anytime soon, you better get to it. According to a memo obtained by the Bronco6G forum, the Blue Oval is pausing all new retail Bronco orders come March 8th.Read more...

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Washington DC Prepares As First Of 3 Trucker Convoys Arrive

The first of three separate Freedom Convoys is due to arrive in Washington DC as early as Wednesday, but our feds seem more prepared for the onslaught than Ottawa was when the rigs rolled in to town last month. Read more...

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