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CarMax Wants $23,000 For A 12-Year-Old Ford Ranger

The car market right now may be best described by Sofi Tukker, but some prices are still absurd enough to elicit genuine shock and horror. Usually, though, those prices are limited to new-car dealer markups or certain prestige auction sites. Now a new pl

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 23, 2022

Pan American Has Been Dead For Over 30 Years, Yet A Part Of It Lives On

On December 4, 1991 Pan American World Airways closed its doors after 64 years of being one of America’s iconic airlines. Today, only bits and pieces of Pan Am live on, from former staff to the occasional railroad car still painted with the globe. There’s

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Spotify's Awful Car Music Gizmo Is Now Available To The Public

Spotify’s Car Thing — a music-playing gizmo that mounts to a climate vent or CD slot and connects to older cars via Bluetooth or an aux jack — is now available to the pubic after a lengthy limited-release, invite-only phase. Initially, Spotify Premium sub

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Germany Is The Latest Country Investigating The Safety Of Tesla's Autopilot

Regulators in Germany are looking into Tesla’s Autopilot features and whether or not these are safe enough to use on German roads. The Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt confirmed that it’s opened a new investigation, as reported by CNBC and German news site Bild am So

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