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Toyota And Yamaha Are Developing A 455 HP V8 That Runs On Hydrogen

V8 lovers rejoice! There may still be space for eight cylinders in the future of automobiles. That’s especially true if Toyota and Yamaha are successful with their latest venture.Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 19, 2022

Auto Industry Shocked To Learn People Just Want To Be Able To Buy Cars Again

People who buy used don’t have time for gimmicks, Subarus are reliable and Aston Martin may be doubling back on its motorsport plans. All that and more in this Friday edition of The Morning Shift for February 18, 2022.Read more...

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How The Pandemic Turned Being A Flight Attendant From Dream Job Into Nightmare

If you’ve got the wanderlust bug like I have, I bet you’ve probably considered a career as a fight attendant. Decent pay, incredible perks, plus your screw ups are more like serving decaf when you meant to serve regular and not, you know, crashing a whole

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Peugeot Is Perfectly Happy With Novak Djokovic: Report

In France, where 80 percent of the population has at least one dose of the covid vaccine, getting the jab is still, nonetheless, controversial among some for reasons you can guess (something something personal freedom). A source told Reuters, meanwhile,

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