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What's Up With That DeLorean Revival From The Super Bowl?

If you watched the Big Game this past weekend, you likely noticed an unexpected entrant among the legions of EV and NFT advertisers: DeLorean. The ad spot, a mere fifteen seconds of the famous gullwing doors opening in silhouette, sparked the interest of

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 18, 2022

This Florida Dealer Should Win An Award For The Most Ridiculous Used Car Quote (Updated)

Right now, dealers can get away with even more nonsense than ever before. If you don’t like their antics, chances are there is another sucker desperate enough to pay the outrageous price. A recent shopping experience with a Florida dealer illustrates just

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 18, 2022

Eight U.S. Senators Think Jerks Who Disrupt Flights Over Masks Should Get To Keep Flying

Folks who make an already stressful flight their moment to throw a fit over some inane point about masks might end up on a federal no-fly list someday and that has eight republican senators pissed off. Read more...

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My Stupid Plan To De-Anodize A Bike Derailleur Silver Actually Worked

Today’s bike parts are almost universally better than bike parts of 20, 30 years ago, but for each bit they function better, they look worse. Most bike riders live with it. Some work out little hacks to make old parts work with modern components. I wonder

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