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Formula E Is Ready To Become A World Class Sport

As Formula E headed into the the 2021 season finale in London, 18 different drivers were mathematically eligible for the World Championship in a series that featured 25 drivers over the course of a season. But CEO Jamie Reigle says that kind of parity isn

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David Tracy and Jason Torchinsky Are Leaving Jalopnik: It's Time To Say Goodbye

Sixteen years; 9,000 articles; a cabinet full of oily dishes; a bumper made of canned ham; clothes covered in used motor oil; squid cars. Jason Torchinsky and David Tracy have had an incredible run at Jalopnik, and now it’s time for them to say farewell.

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The Ford GT's Production Run Will Be Over By The End Of 2022

It’s the end of the line — quite literally — for the current generation Ford GT, which will see its final year in 2022. So far, 1,100 out of a total 1,350 cars have rolled. That means there are only 250 cars left for you to get your hands on if you want a

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Billionaire Plans First Commercial Spacewalk For Best View Of Our Burning Planet

When you’re a billionaire, a quick trip down Long Island to spend a day at the beach just isn’t fun anymore. Instead, you have to look much further afield when planning a weekend away. I guess that explains why billionaire Jared Isaacman has purchased thr

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