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Ford Ranger Raptor Teased In High Flying Video

Ford released the new-generation Ranger for global markets at the end of last year. It previewed a truck that should – hopefully – make its way to our shores later this year. While the normal Ranger will be a fine truck, one thing enthusiasts have been cl

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Convergent Evolution Reminder: Cybertruck And This Mercury Concept Car

Convergent evolution is a well-known concept in biology, where organisms starting from different points seem to arrive at the same general design for living. It’s why there’re so many crabs. This happens all the time in the automotive world, too — ever se

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Ontario Declares State Of Emergency Over Border Crossing Closures By Freedom Convoy [Updated]

The providence of Ontario declared a State of Emergency Friday morning in order to remove protesters from blocking the Ambassador Bridge, North America’s busiest border crossing. Read more...

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The U.S. Will Use $5 Billion To Build New EV Infrastructure

The state of EV charging infrastructure in the U.S. is, as we in the biz say, not great. A patchwork of efforts from charging providers and auto manufacturers has left owners of electric vehicles with a mess of apps, maps, and third-party sites to sort th

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