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How Extreme E Puts Its Lofty Sustainability Goals Into Real-Life Practice

Earlier today, the all-electric SUV rallying series Extreme E released its first-ever sustainability report that detailed the series’ efforts to go carbon neutral. There’s a lot of data there, but I want to talk about how Extreme E is actually doing somet

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 10, 2022

Monster Crocodile Freed From Tire That Was Stuck Around Its Neck For 6 Years

People are pretty awful, on the whole. If we aren’t chopping down forests and pumping out toxic fumes into the atmosphere, we’re chucking trash all over the damn place. And that includes used tires, which keep showing up around the necks of unsuspecting a

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 10, 2022

NASA Wants To Bring Pieces Of Mars Down To Earth

Space may be the final frontier, but over the past few decades scientists have started to encroach on its territory. They’ve sent rover after rover to Mars, each one built to examine the planet’s surface for valuable information about its composition and

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 10, 2022

Grid Legends' Multiplayer Might Just Be The Greatest Thing About It

Most of the buzz around Grid Legends, due out Feb. 25, has been focused around its Driven To Glory story mode. While Driven To Glory will likely entertain those who reveled in every tense exchange between Formula 1 team bosses in Drive To Survive, for me

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 10, 2022