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Watch Several Drivers Hustle on Foot Through a Busy Intersection to Rescue an Unresponsive Driver

A Boynton Beach, Florida driver lost control of their vehicle after suffering a medical emergency that left them unresponsive behind the wheel. Thankfully, several other drivers left their cars to help the driver and prevent a worse accident.Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  May 14, 2022

Hyper-Luxury and Supercar Makers are Having a Time and Raking it in

Rich folk bought Lamborghinis while the rest of us learned to knit, Nissan is mulling over an additional third U.S. plant with renewed confidence and Tesla won’t crack India, for now. All that and more in this Friday the 13th edition of The Morning Shift

logo.png  By ONR  May 14, 2022

'Self-Driving' Level 2 Autonomy Systems Still Pretty Crappy: AAA Study

American drivers are wary of cars that make big claims about their Level 2 semiautonomous systems and they have every right to be, according to a new study and engineering test from AAA.Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  May 14, 2022

These Were the Biggest Automotive Flops

Bringing a new car to market is never easy. It takes years of development, months of marketing to build excitement, and the final launch and rollout have to go perfectly. If anything anywhere in that process goes wrong, your shiny new car risks joining th

logo.png  By ONR  May 14, 2022