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The Hyundai Tucson "Beast" From The Uncharted Movie Plays It Too Safe

Hyundai is getting in on the latest off-road craze with what it calls the Tucson “Beast” concept. This gussied-up Hyundai Tucson will appear in the upcoming Uncharted movie, based on the video game series that goes by the same name. But I think Hyundai is

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 6, 2022

Chevy Blazer, Ford Mustang, Plymouth GTX: The Biggest Suckers On Bring A Trailer This Week

The United States of America: Land of the free, home of the hilariously overpriced domestic vehicles. Since last week, American automakers have started to see some upticks in the chip supply. But as anyone shopping for cars (or consoles, graphics cards, t

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Haas Built A New F1 Car For The First Time In Two Years

If Formula 1 were a video game (it technically is, but you know what I mean) Haas of 2021 would’ve been the sort of non-threatening, non-playable character that didn’t stand in anyone’s way — without the appearance of a blue flag, at least. A presence tha

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Cop Who Drank Fifth Of Vodka Then Drove To The Gun Range Is Back On The Force

A SWAT officer, part of the Jacksonville Sheriff Department, who was fired last year for driving drunk to a gun range, was reinstated this week with the department at his old salary, though likely in a much less hands-on capacity.Read more...

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