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Robert Wickens Returns To Racing With Hyundai In IMSA TCR After Paralysis

When rising motorsport star Robert Wickens suffered a crash in IndyCar’s Pocono event back in 2018, it wasn’t clear that the Canadian racer would compete again due to severe injuries. Today, though, Wickens has announced that he’s going to be competing in

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Two Dealership Employees Are Fired After Their Racist Attack Of An Immigrant Family Went Viral

Two employees of a Long Island, NY Toyota dealership were fired after a video of them racially harassing an immigrant family went viral, Automotive News reports.Read more...

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Remember, The Past Was Garbage: Chrysler Edition

What I’m about to describe to you is one of those things that manages to short-circuit my brain when it comes to how I perceive it: On the one hand, it was ridiculous garbage and should have been embarrassing to the companies that did this. But at the sam

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MotoGP Riders Blink Fewer Times Than Us Normal Folks

An Italian pharmaceutical firm, SIFI, conducted a study with the help of LCR Honda to learn the impact racing has on the eyes of professional motorcycle riders. The study found that MotoGP riders are not prone to dry, irritated eyes despite exposure to st

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