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Made Up Company Will Turn Your Made Up Truck Into A Made Up Boat

Despite the endless delays to Tesla’s Cybertruck, dedicated fans seem intent on creating accessories for the yet-to-be-released electric pickup. Now, a Seattle-based engineer has designed a set of amphibious add-ons so reservation-holders can dream about

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 4, 2022

Blip: Welcome, Mustardy Saffron, Capitol Of Yellownia

Do you know the Ford 20M and 26M? They were Ford of Germany products, and used to be named as the Taunus. But mostly I wanted to show you this picture because of the color palette, which is so fiercely mustard/yellow/golden/brownish/saffronic that it’s ma

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 4, 2022

At $6,000, Could This Custom V8-Powered 1977 Toyota Hilux Be A High Bargain?

Toyota no longer sells the wonderfully-named Hilux in the U.S., and when they did, it was nothing like today’s Nice Price or No Dice custom. Let’s see if this Chevy-powered beast can command its modern asking price.Read more...

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You Missed Your Chance To Buy A Former FBI Mobile Command Center

You really biffed this one up. You could have had your very own FBI mobile command center, but you missed it! It was taken away from you for just $58,100. Who knows when the next one will come up for sale.Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 4, 2022