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Switching Pit Stops For Push Starts: How NASCAR Struck Bobsled Gold

It was 1992 and the brightest and best from the world of snow sports had gathered in Albertville, France, for the 16th Winter Olympic Games. Team USA had once again sent a squad of its top sliders to go for gold in the bobsled competitions. Once again, th

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New USPS Mail Trucks Get Dogshit Gas Mileage

The U.S. Postal Service’s $6 billion deal with Oshkosh Defense for the new NGDV mail truck has officially been called into serious question by the Environmental Protection Agency. A letter sent earlier this week complains about the terrible fuel economy o

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Midwesterners Are Waiting Longer For Cars Because They Have No Choice

You may be more willing to wait for your next car depending on where you live, the U.S. Commerce Secretary says the government harbors no hard feelings toward Tesla, and BMW is conservative about ending internal combustion engine production. All that and

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Show Us Your Winter Car Projects

Oh god this week has been bad. For three days straight I’ve been trying to merge two parts cars into one not-parts-car, and, well I’ll tell you more about that later. For now, I want to see what you and your wrench are up to these days. Read more...

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