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Can You Spot The 552-Year-Old Chevy Tahoe In The Trailer For The New Halo Show?

Halo will finally grace the small screen this March thanks to a new series on Paramount+. It’s a tie-in that’s been a very long time coming — so long that it’s probably 15 years too late by now. This originally started as a movie involving Peter Jackson a

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 1, 2022

Nissan Needs To Turn The New EV Micra Into New EV Pike Cars

Just over a year ago, we showed you Renault’s new electric version of the legendary Renault 5, and it looked pretty delightful, with just enough retro charm to be fun. That same platform is going to be used for a new EV version of the Nissan Micra, expect

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 1, 2022

Two Berlin Thieves Stole A Car To Claim Recycling Rewards

How far would you go to redeem a bit of free cash? Would you pick a penny off the sidewalk, answer some market research questions, or return your glass bottles to claim a deposit? Well, two men in Berlin went one step further: They stole a car in order to

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How The Shooting Of A Detroit Pizza Delivery Man Led To The Invention Of The Kevlar Vest

Detroit, history and pizza are very near and dear to me, so when I heard this story about a pizza shop owner in Detroit inventing the kevlar vest after being shot at while out on delivery, I couldn’t believe this hadn’t fallen under my radar before. It ti

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