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Tesla Will Disable Rolling Stops

Tesla will recall tens of thousands of cars because of rolling stops, Lexus is almost doing better than ever, and live car auctions are still a thing. All that and more in The Morning Shift for February 1, 2022.Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 2, 2022

Ford Patents In-Bed Magnets To Keep Your Pickup's Cargo In Place

We’re fans of the Maverick’s “Flexbed” — basically Ford’s name for the bed on its smallest pickup that contains a lot of handy features, like slots for wood planks to divide cargo, threaded holes for DIY rails, convenient 12-volt power point access and ti

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 2, 2022

The Aston Martin DBX 707 Is A Hot SUV That'll Hit 60 In 3.1 Seconds

Aston Martin has been in a bit of a tricky spot for the last few decades, teetering on the brink of collapse for what seems like forever. But then, it started making SUVs, and suddenly its fortunes began turning. Now, it has a new version of its DBX SUV t

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'Freedom Convoy' Organizers Claim They Have Enough Cash To Clog Streets For Years

We are on day five of the Canadian anti-vaccine convoy wrecking havoc in that nation’s capital of Ottawa and in smaller protests around the country. Protesters blocked border crossings in tiny towns and main thoroughfares in the nation’s capital demandi

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