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A Chinese Company Will Turn Your Old Land Cruiser Into A New Land Cruiser

Are you bummed out that us Americans won’t be getting the new Toyota Land Cruiser — and that even if we were, we’d have to wait at least four years to get one? Are the new Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro and Lexus LX600 just not going to cut it for you? Well, ther

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Here's What You Should Buy With Your 2022 Lincoln Aviator Savings

Every year (or sometimes randomly within a year) automakers adjust prices across their model lineups. Usually, that means manufacturers add very slight increases for every vehicle — to keep up with inflation, you see. Lincoln, however, has done the opposi

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Officials Will Finally Investigate Police Who Overran A Small Alabama Town With For-Profit Ticketing

State officials are finally looking into the police force in the tiny Alabama town of Brookside, which saw a 640 percent increase in its fines and forfeitures revenue over two years, The Guardian reports. It looks like Brookside’s for-profit policing may

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These Are The Old Car Problems You're Glad Don't Exist Anymore

Cars have gotten very complicated in the last century, but they’ve also gotten more reliable and generally require less maintenance now than ever before. Today we asked you what one-time motoring headaches you’re glad have become less common over the year

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