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A Man In The UK Drove Without A License For Over 70 Years

An 84-year old man from Nottingham in the UK confessed to police that he’d been driving without a driver’s license for over 70 years, allegedly having managed to avoid being pulled over even once for more than seven decades, the BBC reports.Read more...

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I'm Camping In An Off-Road Trailer In A Desert. What Do You Want To Know About The Taxa Mantis Overland?

Next week I’ll be descending into California’s Johnson Valley to witness the high-octane thrills of the King of the Hammers. While there, I’ll be wheeling in a side-by-side and sleeping right where the action is in a little off-road camper that nicely fit

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A Brief History Of Gasoline: Searching For The Magic Bullet

Before leaded gasoline hit the market, those credited with its invention, General Motors’ Charles Kettering and Thomas Midgley, Jr., stumbled in the dark for several years, revealing in the process a distinct absence of chemical understanding and an even

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Auto Industry Could Lose $22 Billion If Feds Raise Interest Rates

COVID-19 messed up pretty much everything, and the auto industry was no exception. There have been chip shortages, manufacturing snafus and now, with the near certain raising of interest rates by the Federal Reserve, a perfect storm is gathering to make a

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