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Manufacturers To Blame For Self-Driving Car Crashes, Says UK Lawmaker

If many automotive experts are to be believed, we’re on the cusp of a self-driving revolution. And that means that as automakers finalize their autonomous-driving technology, lawmakers must write the rules that govern self-driving cars. And that includes

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 27, 2022

The Ford Bronco Raptor Has A Size Problem

Don’t worry, fellas. The Ford Bronco Raptor has a size problem, too. However, its problem is being too big. Ford somehow managed to make a vehicle that is both too tall and too wide for its production facility.Read more...

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10 Cars You Never Think About That Happen To Be Decent Wordle Starting Guesses

In the space of half a week, I’ve gone from one of those curmudgeonly no-fun-havers that hated on Wordle for clogging up my Twitter timeline to someone who routinely plays every day, sometimes at the precise moment the clock strikes midnight. I’m not too

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These Are The Cars You Think Aren’t Worth Collecting

Everyone needs a hobby, and if you’re reading Jalopnik, there’s a good chance your passion revolves around cars. If that’s the case, you might be lucky enough to have as nice collection of old cars. But are there any vintage vehicles you’d never add to th

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