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This 48-Mile Volvo 480 ES Is One Of The Coolest Cars You Can Import

When the subject of importing a car comes up, most people will probably picture a Nissan Skyline, BMW 745i, or maybe a Renault Twingo. But here’s another car you may want, and it checks basically all of 1980s car enthusiast boxes. This 1986 Volvo 480 ES p

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A Nintendo Game Boy Took These Totally Awesome Drift Photos

Usually, if you want to try your hand at automotive photography, you’ll go out and purchase an expensive DSLR camera and some even more expensive lenses before heading to a shoot. However, one man tried something a bit different. Conor Merrigan went to a

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F1 Races Might Actually Be Won On The Track Thanks To Durable Tires, Pirelli Says

Right now, the most effective tool one driver has to get past another in Formula 1 is pit strategy. The inability for F1 cars to run close alongside each other without suffering huge disturbances in aerodynamic activity — coupled with the general flimsine

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This Texan Is Going To Winter Driving School. What Do You Want To Know?

Our kind editor-in-chief Rory Carroll messaged me last week to ask what I know about winter driving and snow tires. I admitted that I knew “little to nothing.” And that is how it was decided that I would be the perfect writer to test out some Blizzaks at

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