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SpaceX Rocket To End 7 Years As Space Trash By Smashing Into The Moon

A four-ton Falcon 9 rocket launched in 2015 is heading straight for the Moon at 2.5 kilometers a second and is scheduled to strike Earth’s favorite natural satellite sometime in the next few weeks. Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 27, 2022

The Volkswagen Passat Is Officially Dead In The U.S.

After nearly 50 years in the U.S. market, the Volkswagen Passat is no more. The final sedan rolled off the assembly line in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where more than 800,000 Passats were built since production started in 2011. This may not sound like that b

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 27, 2022

Ford Says It Has 10,000 Orders For Its E-Transit

The most exciting electric vehicles in the world right now aren’t anything Tesla produces but are instead electric vans, given their potential to transform last-mile delivery. Ford’s E-Transit is among them, and the early returns seem good, as Ford said W

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 27, 2022

Proposed Florida Law Will Help Dealers Screw You Out Of Getting Your Title

Due to current inventory shortages, this has become a seller’s market for cars, with dealers getting away with even more nonsense than before. Now, a proposed piece of legislation in Florida would allow dealers to opt-out of obtaining your title after the

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 27, 2022