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Motorsport Explained: What's Going On At The Alpine F1 Team?

The Alpine Formula One team has been in flux for the past two seasons — and 2022 looks no different. The former Renault Team has gone through driver and personnel changes on a regular basis, and things came to a head earlier this week when Alain Prost was

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 21, 2022

Germany Continues Debate Over Ending Unlimited Speed Sections On Autobahn After Bugatti Run

There’s increasing debate in Germany over whether or not they should be adding speed limits to the Autobahn’s legendary unlimited section – especially since their last election a few months ago. Now, those calls are being renewed after a Bugatti Chiron ow

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 21, 2022

Carmakers Still Mad At Public Health Warnings On French Car Ads Seem To Forget How Emissions Work

Car companies are apparently not OK in France right now. Ford is crying foul on the car-related public health warnings mandated by France after Hyundai complained that these “vilified drivers.” Ford’s managing director in France says these warnings, which

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French Fry Oil-Powered Fast Charger Makes It Possible For EVs To Cross Australia's Vast Emptiness

Australia is a lot like the U.S. — a large country with major cities on the coasts and vast stretches of nothing in between. And, much like in America, convincing car buyers that an EV can handle driving through such large empty stretches has proven a cha

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