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This 1973 Dodge Challenger Was Rebuilt In A New York City Apartment Building

New York City isn’t exactly known for empty streets, plentiful garages, or spacious abodes. It’s seen as a hellish place to be a car owner, let alone a car enthusiast — a place where working on your own car is about as feasible as finding a reasonably-pri

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Subaru Once Offered The Best Factory Lighting Option Known To Humankind

There was a lot of excitement in the cluster of rusty, discarded FEMA trailers that forms Jalopnik’s world HQ about Hoonigan’s new Gymkhana car, styled to look like an ‘80s Subaru GL wagon. My first thought when I saw the car was, of course, to wonder if

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Oil Companies Blame The Tonga Volcanic Eruption For Oil Spill In Perú

Emergency cleanup efforts are ongoing along the coast of Perú after a reported 252,000 gallons of oil spilled into the South Pacific. The oil spill allegedly traces back to the Tonga volcanic eruption of January 15, but the Peruvian government nonetheless

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You Can Now Buy The Staten Island Ferry, Because Why Not

Are you a little weird but also have a few hundred thousand dollars laying around? Well, have we got the purchasing opportunity for you — the Staten Island Ferry!Read more...

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