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The New Jeep Renegade Is Not Amused

Nobody likes cute cars. Oh, sure — they’ll claim otherwise, taking brief delight in the appearance of a mint-green Fiat 500, quipping that you “just don’t see those very often.” And then they’ll disappear into the forest in their Ford Sasquatch or Subaru

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 18, 2022

Truckload Of Entrails And Meat Scraps Overturns In Gross 'Meat Spill' In Australia

Who’s hungry? Got a craving for sun-ripened animal offal and entrails, but don’t have the kind of cash needed to really indulge your cravings? Are you in Australia? If you’re answering a vigorous, breathless “yes” to these questions, then boy are you in

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 18, 2022

If Hotels Partnered With EV Charging Chains, We Could Solve The Electric Infrastructure Problem

A few weeks ago, my husband posited that he had solved the electric vehicle infrastructure crisis when it came to charging. “Hotel chains just need to partner with EV charging chains,” he said. “Imagine if you could plan a road trip around the fact that e

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The Luxury Automakers That Won Big In 2021

2021 was, for most people, a long and difficult year. A year of political tensions, ever-shifting pandemic responses, and bean-related parents led to many considering it the worst year in their lives. Consider the other side, however, the silver lining: A

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