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At $7,400, Is This 2007 BMW 550i A Six-Speed Steal?

Today’s Nice Price or No Dice 550i comes with three pedals and is advertised on a classified site of the same name because that’s all the place offers. Let’s see if such exclusivity comes at a cost.Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 18, 2022

Where Are They Now: Flying Car Concepts From Just The Last Decade

Another “flying car” concept is making its rounds on the internet. This time it’s another electric Vertical Takeoff And Landing Airplane made by a UK company called Bellweather Industries. Called the Antelope, it’s an eVTOL with “supercar sex appeal,” acc

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 18, 2022

The New Jeep Renegade Is Not Amused

Nobody likes cute cars. Oh, sure — they’ll claim otherwise, taking brief delight in the appearance of a mint-green Fiat 500, quipping that you “just don’t see those very often.” And then they’ll disappear into the forest in their Ford Sasquatch or Subaru

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 18, 2022

Truckload Of Entrails And Meat Scraps Overturns In Gross 'Meat Spill' In Australia

Who’s hungry? Got a craving for sun-ripened animal offal and entrails, but don’t have the kind of cash needed to really indulge your cravings? Are you in Australia? If you’re answering a vigorous, breathless “yes” to these questions, then boy are you in

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 18, 2022