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Dacia Duster 4x4s Get Free Mud-Wash Because Owners Admit They Never Go Off-Road

Dacia is back with its mischievous antics in the UK, this time with a little bit of self-awareness to ring in the new year. Dacia is encouraging Duster owners in London to come in for a free “mud-wash” so these owners can at least pretend to take their 4X

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The C4 Corvette Had Reverse Lamp And Seat Belt Features Found Nowhere Else

I realize that among the various Corvette generations, the C4 ‘Vettes (1983-1996) aren’t really considered the most popular, but this assessment doesn’t take into account the very powerful and influential niche of gearheads who are really into reverse lam

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What Are Your Car Superstitions?

The automotive world is full of superstitions, with lists of spooky racing beliefs abound online, covering everything from how you get dressed in the morning to the color of your car. But those superstitions don’t always stay on the track — they can follo

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Here’s What To Do If You’re Stranded In A Hellish Snowstorm

The best way to get yourself out of a bad situation, is always to avoid getting yourself into that scenario in the first place. We might all have been taught the best way to drive in winter, or learned that it’s better to avoid hitting the highway if cond

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