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Rolls-Royce CEO Says People Dying From COVID-19 Helped The Carmaker Increase Sales

Rolls-Royce sold more cars in 2021 than in any previous year in its 117-year history. Its unexpectedly good sales year had little to do with sales of its SUV, the Cullinan, or with the company’s announcement that it plans to go all-electric by 2030. Accor

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Arrested Driver Claims He Didn't Know A Severed Head And Torso Was In The Stolen Truck

A lawyer is arguing his client was just “unlucky” after authorities found a severed head and torso in his client’s stolen truck.Read more...

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Hyundai's New World Rally Car Has A Wing On Its Wing

I know there are few memes more tired in this advanced age of the internet than that Xzibit one, but that’s really the only meme that comes to mind looking at the back of Hyundai’s 2022 World Rally Championship challenger, the i20 N Rally1. “Rally1"

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This Looks Like The Worst Possible Time You Can Have On A Ski Lift

You know what I hate? Being cold and wet. In fact, I bet I share this dislike not with all people, but I bet nearly all mammals and possibly even reptiles, too. Nobody likes being cold and wet and miserable. It sucks, deeply and powerfully. I think this i

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