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Here's How Garbage Truck Robot Arms Work: An Explainer

The fancy robot arm that your neighborhood’s garbage truck is likely to use has a name other than “the claw,” which is what I’ve called it for years. These robot arms are actually called automated side-loaders, and they pretty much confirm that garbage tr

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 8, 2022

BMW's New Steering Wheel Patent Is The Only Good Yoke

Replacing perfectly good steering wheels with yokes is so hot right now. Tesla kicked off the current wave of fixing what ain’t broke with the Model S Plaid, but even the traditionally conservative Toyota has jumped on the trend. Now BMW has entered the f

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 8, 2022

Here Are The Best License Plate Designs

There’s a lot of choices out there (at least 50 of them!) when it comes to picking the best license plate design. Some states definitely offer better options than others.Read more...

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I Solved A Rooftop Tent's Biggest Problem Within Less Than An Hour

As I mentioned in my earlier post about the Roofnest Sparrow, there are a couple of drawbacks to mounting a rooftop tent on your car. Chief among them is that the tent is still up there, whether you’re using it or not. This one only weighs about 130 pou

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