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Terrorism Probe Launched After Explosion Hospitalizes French Dakar Driver

The Dakar Rally is underway in Saudi Arabia, but an explosion in the run up to the annual race has thrown an ominous shadow over the off-road spectacle. Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 6, 2022

This Is What Those Little Plastic Arrows On Wheel Nuts Are For

Have you ever woken up in a pool of your own sick on the asphalt of a big city’s bus depot and rolled over until you were face-to-tire with the wheel of a city bus? And, when you looked up at that wheel, body aching, wallet missing, and cold, so cold, did

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Chevy Teased A Surprise $30,000 Equinox EV At CES

Chevy’s big news at CES was the Silverado EV, the bow tie’s big shot at going up against the Lightning and Rivian. Many of the Jalopnik crew were excited to see it — after all, electric offerings in the full-size pickup space are pretty cool by default. I

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RIP To Gary Rider, The Man Who Sold His Air Compressor To Fund A Liver Transplant, And In The Process Inspired A 50,000-Person Facebook Cult

Gary Rider died last month, but will always be a legend to at least 50,000 people. In early 2021, the 57 year-old Pennsylvanian listed his air compressor on Facebook Marketplace. “Older air compressor, working as it should.i need a liver transplant.proced

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