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NASCAR Might Have Found Its 'Formula 1: Drive to Survive' Challenger

Since the rapid rise of Formula 1 racing in America thanks to the success of Netflix docuseries Drive to Survive, motorsport series around the world have been trying to replicate the format to draw more eyes to their own competition. So far, most of those

logo.png  By ONR  Jul 30, 2022

That Time I Asked Sebastian Vettel to Sign a Blue Flag

Back in 2016, Sebastian Vettel ran into a problem. The former four-time World Champion had made a swap to the Prancing Horse, but his Ferrari was eternally subject to what he considered to be some ill-timed blue flag maneuvers. As he spend the season shou

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GM Will Cancel Your Warranty if You Buy Your Z06 From a Flipper (Update)

Automakers are trying everything they can to combat rampant flipping and reselling of high-demand models. Now, General Motors is taking the fight to those who decide to buy their popular car from a flipper. In a letter sent to dealers signed by Steve Carl

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Toyota Corona, Ford Lightning, Dodge Viper: The Dopest Cars I Found for Sale Online

When car shopping online, it’s easy to get yourself caught in a niche. As Facebook Marketplace’s algorithm starts to learn what you want, it’ll feed you more and more of the same thing — leaving you with a page entirely made up of listings for 2005 Acura

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